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Paper Stationery

I'm Julie Green, and I'm a designer. I started up up creative in search of that sometimes-elusive creative high. That feeling you get when you put something new out into the world and share it with others and they love it and they tell you so. For awhile I got that feeling as a student working on bizarre arguments in her bizarre dissertation (the weirder and more out there the argument, the more charged I got about it). But bizarre-ness isn't particularly coveted or satisfying in academia and I found myself turning into a creative junkie - you know the kind - the person who skips out on her real work just for the chance to make something. I am your creative proxy, if you will. Your dealer in creative highs. I put awesomeness into the world for you to find and share. You'll find that my Glo designs tend toward just-exactly-the-right-touch minimalism. Like everything I do, they're powered by color, typography, whitespace, and love.